Vol 16, No 2 (2015)

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Letter(s) to the Editor

Clarification to Points in “Correlating Student Knowledge and Confidence Using a Graded Knowledge Survey to Assess Student Learning in a General Microbiology Classroom” PDF HTML
Edward B. Nuhfer
PULSE Pilot Certification Results PDF HTML
Pamela Pape-Lindstrom, Tom Jack, Kathy Miller, Karen Aguirre, Judy Awong-Taylor, Teri Balser, Loretta Brancaccio-Taras, Kate Marley, Marcy Osgood, Marcy Peteroy-Kelly, Sandra Romano
What’s Not Being Discussed, or Considered, in Science Publishing? PDF HTML
Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva
Lifeguard Final Exam—Encouraging the Use of Active Learning PDF HTML
Elise N. Griswold, Daniel J. Klionsky

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Tips and Tools

Presenting Clicker Questions with an Open- Versus Closed-Response Format PDF HTML
Ginger R. Fisher, Sue Ellen DeChenne
Deciphering Primary and Popular Literature: An Interactive Approach for Promoting Students’ Development of Scientific, Digital, and Information Literacy in Post-Secondary Contexts PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Lacy M. Cleveland, Jeffrey T. Olimpo
Using a Vaccine Proposal Assignment to Help Students Synthesize Topics Covered in an Undergraduate Immunology Course PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Rebecca L. Sparks-Thissen
Self-Driven Service Learning: Community-Student-Faculty Collaboratives Outside of the Classroom PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Veronica A. Segarra, Alexandra A. DeLucia, Alyssa A. DeLucia, Renee Fonseca, Michael P. Penfold, Katlyn M. Sawyer, Cecelia M. Harold, Courtney Reddig, Ashima Singh, Ibrahim Musri, Jacqueline C. Wright, J. J. Leissing, Samantha Dennis, Mary Catherine Pflug, Niki Fogle, Monique Moore, Sade Sims, Kelsey Matteson, Meredith Hein
There’s More to Science than Research: A Team-Based Role Game to Develop School Students’ Understanding of Science Careers in Pharmaceutical Quality Control PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Rachael Collins, Anne Marie Krachler
The Use of Online Pre-Lab Assessments Compared with Written Pre-Lab Assignments Requiring Experimental Result Prediction Shows No Difference in Student Performance PDF HTML
Erica L. Suchman
A Publicly Available PCR Methods Laboratory Manual and Supporting Material PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Jason DeCaire, Cappi Ker, William Johnston, Mary Muslow, Jeffry Shultz
Modeling the Dynamic Digestive System Microbiome PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Anne M. Estes
Nucleotide Manipulatives to Illustrate the Central Dogma PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Sonja B. Yung, Todd P. Primm
A Simulation of Communicable Disease and Herd Immunity for the Microbiology Classroom or Laboratory PDF HTML
Jeff Wiles
Creating Stop-Motion Animations to Learn Molecular Biology Dynamics PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Celeste N. Peterson, Pauline Ngo
The Use of Stuffed Microbes in an Undergraduate Microbiology Course Increases Engagement and Student Learning PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Ginny Webb
Powerful Soil: Utilizing Microbial Fuel Cell Construction and Design in an Introductory Biology Course PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Craig D. Jude, Brooke A. Jude
Moss in the Classroom: A Tiny but Mighty Tool for Teaching Biology PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Erin E. Shortlidge, James R. Hashimoto
Agar Plates Made from Common Supermarket Substances and Bacillus subtilis Natto as an Inexpensive Approach to Microbiology Education PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Franz-Josef Scharfenberg, Ann-Katrin Marquardt