Vol 16, No 1 (2015)

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Letter(s) to the Editor

Letter to the Editor PDF HTML
Thomas K. Karikari
Letter to the Editor PDF HTML
Daniel J. Klionsky, Elise N. Griswold




Tips and Tools

Practical Bioremediation Course – Laboratory Exercises on Biodegradation of Cationic Surfactant PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Tomislav Ivankovic, Maja Mejdandzic, Sandra Postic, Nikola Malesevic, Jasna Hrenovic
Culturing Life from Air: Using a Surface Air System to Introduce Discovery-Based Research in Aerobiology into the Undergraduate Biology Curriculum PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Carolyn F. Weber, Jason T. Werth
The Biology Experimental Design Challenge: An Interactive Approach to Enhance Students’ Understanding of Scientific Inquiry in the Context of an Introductory Biology Course PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Jeffrey T. Olimpo
The HeLa Documentary Film: An Engaging Writing and Culturally Relevant Assignment on Cell Division and Ethics for Nonscience Majors PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Diann Jordan, Timetria Bonds
Using Lecture Demonstrations to Visualize Biological Concepts PDF HTML
Kristin Polizzotto, Farshad Tamari
Microbial Life in a Winogradsky Column: From Lab Course to Diverse Research Experience PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Samantha T. Parks
Increase the Visibility of Microbial Growth in a Winogradsky Column by Substituting Diatomaceous Earth for Sediment PDF HTML
Thomas G. Benoit
Use of Constructed-Response Questions to Support Learning of Cell Biology during Lectures PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Foong May Yeong
Comparing Outdated and Updated Textbook Figures Helps Introduce Undergraduates to Primary Literature PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Veronica A. Segarra, Scott Tanner


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