Vol 15, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Letter(s) to the Editor

Letter to the Editor PDF HTML
Sally G. Hoskins, Kristy L. Kenyon




Making Heads or Tails: Planarian Stem Cells in the Classroom PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Melissa C. Srougi, Jackie Thomas-Swanik, John D. Chan, Jonathan S. Marchant, Susan Carson

Tips and Tools

Yeast Identification by DNA Sequencing in an Undergraduate Mycology Laboratory PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
William W. Safranek
Designing PCR Primers Painlessly PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Morgan Feeney, Kevin Murphy, Jane Lopilato
Use of a Modified POGIL Exercise to Teach Bacterial Transformation in a Microbiology Course PDF HTML
Elizabeth A. Mulligan
“Meet the Expert Interviews,” an Integrative Learning Experience for Microbiology and Anatomy & Physiology Undergraduate Students PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Barbara D. Davis, Mary Flannery, Marty Lowe, Jeannie S. Payne
“The Farmer’s Dilemma”—an Interrupted Case Study for Learning Bacterial Genetics in the Context of the Impact of Microbes on the Organic Food Industry and Biotechnology PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Richard Stewart, Daniel C. Stein, Robert T. Yuan, Ann C. Smith
Undergraduate Urban Metagenomics Research Module PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Theodore R. Muth, Catherine M. McEntee
Hook Students with the Super Bowl and a Protein Modeling Activity to Teach Genetic Concepts PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Ann H. Williams, Megan C. Malone, Heather D. Masonjones, Rebecca J. Waggett
Molecular Twister: A Game for Exploring Solution Chemistry PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Sawyer R. Masonjones, Heather D. Masonjones, Megan C. Malone, Ann H. Williams, Margaret M. Beemer, Rebecca J. Waggett
Using Soxhlet Ethanol Extraction to Produce and Test Plant Material (Essential Oils) for Their Antimicrobial Properties PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
James Redfern, Malcolm Kinninmonth, Dariel Burdass, Joanna Verran
Engaging Allied-Health Students with Virtual Learning Environment Using Course Management System Tutorial Site PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Andrew Nguyen, Mangala Tawde
Evaluating Biological Claims to Enhance Critical Thinking through Position Statements PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Tracie M. Addy, Maura O. Stevenson
Two Laboratory Activities Using Conventional or Real-Time PCR to Simulate Pathogenic E. coli Detection PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Joanna R. Klein
Reflections on the Value of Mapping the Final Theory Examination in a Molecular Biochemistry Unit PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Rajaraman Eri, Anthony Cook, Natalie Brown
Bacterial Monologue: An Engaging Writing Activity for Nonscience Majors PDF HTML
Pengfei Song


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