Vol 13, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents


Advancing the Vision: New PubMed Indexing, Creative Commons Licensing, and December Highlights PDF HTML
Christopher J. Woolverton


Long-Term Retention of Knowledge and Critical Thinking Skills in Developmental Biology PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Diane C. Darland, Jeffrey S. Carmichael
Learner-Centered Teaching in Nonmajors Introductory Biology: The Impact of Giving Students Choices PDF HTML
Carol A. Hurney
Towards a Mastery Understanding of Critical Reading in Biology: The Use of Highlighting by Students to Assess Their Value Judgment of the Importance of Primary Literature PDF HTML
Mark Gallo, Vincent Rinaldo


Educating Medical Laboratory Technologists: Revisiting Our Assumptions in the Current Economic and Health-Care Environment PDF HTML
Regina Linder


Using Small Group Debates to Actively Engage Students in an Introductory Microbiology Course PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Joyce A. Shaw
Using Bioinformatics to Develop and Test Hypotheses: E. coli-Specific Virulence Determinants PDF HTML Supplemental Materials
Joanna R. Klein, Theresa Gulsvig

Tips and Tools

Species Shout-Outs From Abdul to Zebra: Encouraging Nonmajors to Communicate in the Biology Classroom PDF HTML
Christina P. Colon
Bacterial Calligraphy: A Memento for Undergraduate Research Students PDF HTML
Wenfa Ng
The Use of the Ames Test as a Tool for Addressing Problem-Based Learning in the Microbiology Lab PDF HTML
Eliana Rodríguez, Claudia Piccini, Vanessa Sosa, Pablo Zunino
Determination of the Antibiotic Resistance Profile of Student Cell Phones PDF HTML
Lisa Ann Blankinship
Printed Identification Key or Web-Based Identification Guide: An Effective Tool for Species Identification? PDF HTML
Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz, Ma. Victoria B. Pangilinan, Rodrigo A. Litao
Students in Differential Equations and Epidemiology Model a Campus Outbreak of pH1N1 PDF HTML
Meredith L. Greer, Karen A. Palin
Dynamic Model Visualizing the Process of Viral Plaque Formation PDF HTML
Boriana Marintcheva
The Genome Solver Website: A Virtual Space Fostering High Impact Practices for Undergraduate Biology PDF HTML
Anne G. Rosenwald, Janet S. Russell, Gaurav Arora
Enhancing Engineering Students’ Learning in an Environmental Microbiology Course PDF HTML
Zhi Zhou


Journal Watch PDF HTML
Jennifer Herzog
Explore the Causes of Health-Care-Acquired Infections: Who Is at Fault? PDF HTML
Janie Sigmon
Helping Students Understand Gene Regulation with Online Tools: A Review of MEME and Melina II, Motif Discovery Tools for Active Learning in Biology PDF HTML
David Treves
Virtual Laboratory Meets Case-Based Instruction PDF HTML
Aaron A. Best, Deborah V. Harbour
Online Genome Analysis Resources for Educators, a Comparative Review PDF HTML
Sarah Grace Prescott
Helping Students Help Themselves PDF HTML
Pamela A. Marshall
Microbiologists Just Want to Have Fun PDF HTML
Heather M. Seitz
Microorganisms Enhance Understanding of Evolution PDF HTML
Deborah V. Harbour
Food Microbiology 101 PDF HTML
Min-Ken Liao
Two Thumbs-Up for Holistic Approach to Understanding Viruses PDF HTML
Boriana Marintcheva
Almost All that You Need to Know about Fungal Pathogens. PDF HTML
Brian J. Harrington
Understanding How the Brain Learns Should Inform Our Teaching Practices PDF HTML
Alix Darden
A Holistic View of Emerging Infectious Diseases PDF HTML
Himgauri K. Kulkarni
Invisible Guide: How Our Understanding of Life Has Been Shaped by E. coli PDF HTML
Brinda Govindan
Helpful Resources for Mentoring Novice Researchers PDF HTML
Monica Trujillo
Perspectives on Cholera Pandemics in Africa PDF HTML
Elisabeth Elder
A Reference Manual for Life Science Researchers PDF HTML
Jacqueline Washington
New Face of an Old Friend PDF HTML
Mangala Tawde, Monica Trujillo